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Profiles of CEMMATS Principals and Selected Associates

Alex B. Kamara B.Sc. Mech., B.Sc. Elec. (Lehigh Univ. USA), P.Eng.
Joint Managing Director
Mr. Kamara has qualifications in both mechanical and electrical engineering and is responsible for directing projects in the areas of mechanical and electrical engineering services and Equipment installation and maintenance. He is an engineering and management professional with over 37 years experience in mine operations, project and contract management of budgets up to US $ 20 million. He was head of the management team at the National Power Authority, Sierra Leone and held the position of General Manager and Engineering Head.

Prior to founding CEMMATS Group, Mr. Kamara worked with Sierra Rutile Limited in several capacities. For the last ten years, he was Manager Engineering. In this capacity he was responsible for engineering, construction and maintenance of the total facility (process plants, 18 MW power house, power distribution system, work-shops, garages and infra-structure support) with some 600 staff and an annual operating budget of over US$ 20 million. He was involved in the design and engineering of a new 20 MW powerhouse, dredge and processing plant. He was in charge of the mine during a one-year period of receivership after which the mine changed ownership.

Previous to this, Mr. Kamara held positions with Cincinnati Gas and Electric, a major utility company in the USA, Westinghouse Electric Corporation and Bethlehem Steel's Grace Mines both in the USA.

L. J. Tani Pratt M. A. Mech. Sc. (Cantab), C. Eng., P. Eng., FIMM
Joint Managing Director
Mr. Pratt is responsible for directing projects of a mining, project management and civil engineering nature. He is a mining, civil engineering and management pro-fessional with over 38 years working experience in Sierra Leone and the SADC region.

Mr. Pratt was the consultant provided by CEMMATS for their contract with Africa Resources Limited. Duties included work as Managing Director of the asbestos mines, Head of the Projects Division for the African Resources Group and General Manager of the gold mines. He was part of the management team at the National Power Authority holding the position of Assistant General Manager and Head of Finance/Administration.

Prior to founding CEMMATS Group, Mr. Pratt worked with Sierra Rutile Limited. As Manager Production, he managed a US$75 million expansion project to design and construct a new bucket line dredge and treatment plant, a 20 MW power plant and infrastructural development work. He was responsible for the mining operations including geology, mine planning, dredging and floating plants, production processing, metallurgy, shipping, marine and advising marketing on the production specification. The staff complement was 700 people and the annual operating budget US$ 20 million

Mr. Pratt also worked for the National Diamond Mining Company Ltd. in Sierra Leone for 11 years in various capacities, the last 4 of which was as Manager in charge of a major subsidiary of the company.

He has also conducted financial negotiations with engineering companies, manufacturers, large international financial institutions (IFC, OPIC, CDC, and DEG) and participated in government contract negotiations within and outside Sierra Leone.

Andrew K. Keili B.Sc. Hons.(Mining), M.Phil. (Min Studies), (Newcastle Upon Tyne), C. Eng., P.Eng., MIMM
Executive Director
Mr. Keili has responsibility for directing projects of a mining, technical services and environmental nature. He is a mining and management professional with over 25 years of professional experience in Sierra Leone, United States of America and Ukraine. Mr. Keili has worked for two years in metallurgical process design and project management for Carpco Inc., a USA based company in the USA and Ukraine. He also worked for an additional year in Ukraine as a Technical Consultant to Pennwood Technology Inc. Pennwood is an American based company operating a titanium mine in partnership with the Ukrainian government. He was part of the management team at the National Power Authority and working as Head of Corporate Planning.

Prior to founding CEMMATS Group, Mr. Keili worked for Sierra Rutile Limited in several capacities including Chief Metallurgist, Chief Mine Planning Engineer and Operations Superintendent. In these capacities he was involved in the long range strategic planning for the mine and in the process design of a new treatment plant costing up to US$ 30 million. He has been involved in work related to Government policy issues in the areas of mining, infrastructure, the environment and privatisation.

Mr. Keili worked for three years in supervising capacities in alluvial diamond mining and mineral processing when he worked for the National Diamond Mining Company in Sierra Leone.

Arnold Mason B. Sc. (Hons) Geology, (Univerisity of Sierra Leone) Dip Min. Expl. MS. Mineral Evaluation and Geostatistics (Delft University Netherlands)
Mr. Mason is a geologist with 17 years experience in exploration work for alluvial diamond and gold deposits and mineral sands. He is experienced in mapping and subsurface investigations for various types of mineral and geological project manage-ment. He is currently working as a consultant geologist for CEMMATS. Mr. Mason worked for 2 years with Branch Energy (SL) Ltd. as Project Geologist and Acting Chief Geologist working on the exploration of alluvial diamonds and two Kimberlite pipes. Prior to this, he worked with Sierra Rutile Limited as Project Geologist, delineating mineral sand deposits.

Mr. Mason worked for five years with National Diamond Mining Company as a project Geologist responsible for delineating gold reserves. He has also worked as a geologist for 4 years with the Government of Sierra Leone on secondment to various companies exploring for chrome and tailings drilling for hematite ore. Whilst working for the government he was involved with geological and geochemical mapping work.

E. D. Johnson B. Eng (Hons) Electrical Engineering (University of Sierra Leone)
Electrical Engineer
Mr. Johnson is an electrical engineer with 15 years experience in the installation, maintenance and operation of power distribution networks, general electrical equipment, instrumentation and air conditioning systems. He has been involved in the design, installation and maintenance of the central air conditioning systems.

Prior to his career at CEMMATS, Mr. Johnson worked for nine years in the mining industry, where he served variously as Engineer - Electronics, Supervisor - Instruments, and Supervisor Electrical for floating and land-based plants Mr. Johnson has also recently been involved in valuation work.

Francis J. Mansaray C. Eng. MIEE MIERE
Technical Manager
Mr. Mansaray has over thirty years experience in electrical, instrumentation, communication and refrigeration engineering. He also has a wealth of experience in maintenance engineering and property management.

Mr. Mansaray served as maintenance engineer and Deputy Director for the Property Management Division of the Band of Sierra Leone. During his tenure at the Bank, he designed and supervised the construction of various security structures and installations at the headquarters and branches throughout the country.


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